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2021-09-17 17:49:41
Bardzo dobra platforma do handlu. szybka realizacja zleceń handlowych oraz szybka realizacja wypłat. polecam
2021-03-12 22:33:57
Really helpful customer, quick verification of documents. And what is most important application is build for every one . MENY OPTION OF TAKEING PROFIT WHITOUT OF DEPOSIT.
2022-10-03 16:20:04
Best trading broker out should only use pocket option for trading super easy interface fast deposits and withdrawals just make sure you have a verified account and everything with work smoothly! (po id: 34438907)
2022-10-03 01:19:57
UID: 34027182 Pocket options is a great platform for beginner and pro level traders. There’s a free demo account to practice your strategies before leaping into the real market. As you grow as a trader, your account grows with you. You gain experience points and as you accomplish different achievements, you’re given the opportunity to use a variety of trading advantages on this platform. I would recommend that all traders who have not traded on this platform to give it a try. Two thumbs up...
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2022-09-30 23:00:15
موقع تداول رائع انصح الجميع في التداول
2022-09-25 02:27:08
One of the best broker @pocket option. Excellent support service, now you can trade with minimum amount of $5 with maximum profit ? with OTC market. Very easy to deposits and Withdrawals.
2022-09-24 04:53:54
the best broker ever seen before
2022-09-23 23:50:50
Its perfect and delay 0
2022-09-21 13:12:38
I've been using pocket option for some time now, it has been a good experiences, All the bugs have gone, now is the best platform I have used, I have done a lot of profit with it, and withdrawals and deposits all have been very fast, and the candles are always in time as the market is going, no scam, no anything, believe me guys, I'm a real person 100% ????, you just need to learn how to trade and you will benefit from this nice platform ????, UID 24762049...
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2022-09-20 08:57:06
Pocket Option is a very Good trading platform. Customer Support system is also nice.... I personally like to recommend people to join Pocket Option ...
2022-09-19 17:15:36
Muy buena plataforma estable y con buenas comisiones
2022-09-18 14:43:29
Excellent broker with high payouts,And excellent payback
2022-09-18 06:24:29
I ve been working with many tarading platforms but PocketOption is the best. every tool that i need for trading is right here for me. the support is very helpful and i use free signals and also copytrading. the number of indicators in PO is awesome. i ve made a good profit here and also won 3 tournnaments.
2022-09-17 18:40:42
Honestly, Its fun, and being able to make money whilst sitting around is cool. I'm up 200 dollars today. It took me ages to be profitable but it is 100% possible.
2022-09-17 15:56:45
Very nice platform for trading. I always trade there for my pocket money. Their trading indicator and assets are so much and very supportive system have they. They support system also good. My UID 20913870 Md Emam Hossain
2022-09-17 12:53:53
Most of the blames we laid on PO have to do with our own fault & ignorance. Understand it first, trust yourself & trust PO & you'll be fine. Trading tools & interface are simply great. I've deposited, traded & withdrawn several times & what more do we need? Long live PO!
2022-09-16 07:07:19
Personally, I like trading using pocket options. It's an intriguing platform with useful functions like copying and even wonderful incentives. I tested many firms before settling on the pocket option. I recommend that everyone trades on this platform; you will not be disappointed; it is a wonderful firm. 34343621 UID
2022-09-15 05:32:14
Pocket Option is a great platform to trade binary options, it has broaden my knowledge and I have since gain many experience. It has simple interface for beginners and experts to trade. It is easy to trade with Pocket Option, but that doesn't mean you should trade without any knowledge or understanding of the market, strategies, charts, etc. This will lead for an individual to think that Pocket Option is a scam. Pocket Option has improved many of it's features since I was introduced to it, and I believe that it will continuously upgrade for the better for the users. Happy trading to all the traders out there!!!...
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2022-09-13 12:23:21
Pocket option is a reliable trading platform and I have been active in it for many years and it is trusted. It also has excellent support. I recommend this broker to you.
2022-09-13 07:28:34
This is the best broker for binary options its so fun

Ostrzeżenie o Ryzyku:

Handel na rynkach finansowych wiąże się z ryzykiem. Kontrakty na Różnice (‘CFD’) są złożony instrumentami finansowymi, którymi handluje się z depozytem zabezpieczającym. Handel kontraktami CFD wiąże się z wysokimi poziomem ryzyka ponieważ dźwignia może działać zarówno na twoją korzyść, jak i na niekorzyść. W rezultacie, kontrakty CFD mogą nie być odpowiednie dla wszystkich inwestorów, ponieważ możesz stracić cały swój zainwestowany kapitał. Nie powinieneś ryzykować więcej niż jesteś gotowy stracić. Zanim zdecydujesz się na handel, upewnij się, że rozumiesz ryzyko jakie się z nim wiąże, biorąc pod uwagę twoje cele inwestycyjne i poziom doświadczenia